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World War I Draft Registration Cards



What Can I Find in the World War I Draft Registration Cards?


The WWI draft registration cards contain a lot of information pertinent to genealogical research. Information that may be found on these cards includes full name, address, age, date of birth, race, citizenship, occupation, employers name, location of employment, name and address of nearest relative, physical description, and signature of registrant, among other things.


I will be continually adding images of cards, grouped by the state in which they registered. Be patient .... and enjoy!




















Chloe Adolphus Ragsdale

Floyd Newton Ragsdale

Howard E. Ragsdale

James Andrew Ragsdale

James David Ragsdale













Cort Abraham Ragsdale

Tillman Luther Ragsdale













New York



North Carolina











South Dakota




 Aarch Levy Ragsdale

 Albert Marvin Ragsdale

 Albert William Ragsdale

 Albert William Ragsdale

 Arthur Reiner Ragsdale

 Ben Homer Ragsdale

 Boyd Ragsdale

Casey Jones Ragsdale

 Charlie Green Ragsdale

 Charlie Ragsdale

 Charlie Walter Ragsdale

 Clifton Alexander Ragsdale

 Curtis Glenn Ragsdale

 Duncan Eve Ragsdale

Earl Bennett Ragsdale

 Earnest Marion Ragsdale

 Ed Ragsdale

 Elijah Walter Ragsdale

 Elwin Roy Ragsdale

 Emery Alexander Ragsdale

 Evan Talmage Ragsdale

 Everett Levi Ragsdale

 Frank Victor Ragsdale

 Fred Woodson Ragsdale

 George Washington Ragsdale

 Gray Hopkins Ragsdale

 Henry Leon Ragsdale

 Harry Nathan Ragsdale

 Harry Wood Ragsdale

 Harvey Elmer Ragsdale

 Henry Lambus Ragsdale

 Herbert Minter Ragsdale

 Hermer Ragsdale

 Homer Elmore Ragsdale

 Horace Ridley Ragsdale

 Horrace Ragsdale

 Jacob David Ragsdale

 hJames Edwin Ragsdale

 James Ragsdale

 James Shannon

 James Thomas Ragsdale

 James William Ragsdale

 Jefferson Pierce Ragsdale

 Jess Monroe Ragsdale

 Jess Ragsdale

 Jesse Clarence Ragsdale

 Jose Harris Ragsdale

 John Anexander Ragsdale

 John Benyon Ragsdale

 John Louis Ragsdale

 John Ragsdale

 John Samuel Ragsdale

 John Samuel Ragsdale

 John Volney Ragsdale

 John Wilson Ragsdale

 Joseph Anderson Ragsdale

Oscar Clyde Ragsdale

Ray Albert Ragsdale




Adolphus Ragsdale

Albert Ragsdale

Alford Ragsdale

Allan Kenneth Ragsdale

Allen Ragsdale

Andrew Ragsdale

Artie Genethe Ragsdale

Austin E. Ragsdale

Barney Ragsdale

Bob Ragsdale

Byron J. Ragsdale

Carl Irenham Ragsdale

Charles Aaron Ragsdale

Charles Edmond Ragsdale

Charles Elmer

Charlie Allen Ragsdale 

Charlie Edwards Ragsdale

Charlie Randolph Ragsdale

Clarence Hoyl Ragsdale

Clarence Virgin Ragsdale

Clyde Ragsdale

Conrad Ragsdale

Crockett Monroe Ragsdale

Daniel Nimrod Ragsdale

Dermott Ragsdale

Dimond Kelly Ragsdale

Earl Ragsdale

Eddie Lee Ragsdale

Edward Erastus Ragsdale

Edward Penn Ragsdale

Edwin Newon Lee Ragsdale

Ellie Ragsdale

Enoch Ragsdale

Finner Gordon Ragsdale

Flint E. Ragsdale

Frank Harvey Ragsdale

Frank King Ragsdale

Frank Lee Ragsdale

Fred Baxter Ragsdale

Fred Norrell Ragsdale

George Abner Ragsdale

George Abner Ragsdale

George Callaway Ragsdale

George Edward Ragsdale

George Pimne Ragsdale

George Wright Ragsdale

Gilbert Haney Ragsdale

Harry Walter Ragsdale

Henry Buie Ragsdale

Henry Clay Ragsdale

HGenry Cley Ragsdale

Henry Ragsdale 

Henry Ragsdale

Henry Vincent Ragsdale

Herk Manus Ragsdale

Herman Lee Ragsdale

Hurshell Ragsdale

Huston William Ragsdale

Jack Ragsdale

Jack Warren Ragsdale

James Corbett Ragsdale

James Ezra Ragsdale

James F. Ragsdale

James Franklin Ragsdale

James Henry Ragsdale

James Hiram Ragsdale

James Madison Ragsdale, Jr.

James Ragsdale

James William Ragsdale

Jasper Newton Ragsdale

Jessie Clyde Ragsdale

Jessie Hugh Ragsdale

Jessie Thomas Ragsdale

John C. Ragsdale

John Calhoun Ragsdale

John Culp Ragsdale

John Edward Ragsdale 

John Goodwin Ragsdale

John Hons Ragsdale

John Lewis Ragsdale

John Nimrod Ragsdale

John Ragsdale

John Sylvester Ragsdale

Joshua Edgar Ragsdale

Julien Herbert Ragsdale

Kitch Disk Ragsdale

Lan Ragsdale

Lee Ragsdale

Lewis Benjamin Ragsdale

Lewis Rumel Ragsdale

Lewleyn Christopher Ragsdale

Louie Ragsdale

Marion Hoyt Ragsdale

Melvin Oscar Ragsdale

Milton Edward Ragsdale

Minor E. Ragsdale

Morrison Alexander Ragsdale

Noah Ragsdale

Olin Baxter Ragsdale

Oscar Edward Ragsdale

Oscar Osie Ragsdale

Pat Matison Ragsdale

Paul Hurbert Ragsdale

Plummer Ragsdale

Ransom Marion Ragsdale

Ray Moore Ragsdale

Richard Dosey Ragsdale

Richard W. Ragsdale

Robert B. Ragsdale

Robert Dexter Ragsdale

Robert Edwin Ragsdale

Robert Smith Ragsdale

Robert Turman Ragsdale

Robert Wilkins Ragsdale

Roy D. Ragsdale

Rupird Clyde Ragsdale

Same G. Ragsdale

Silas Baggett Ragsdale

Steven Woodson Ragsdale

Sue Robert Ragsdale

Sydney Ragsdale

Theron Wright Ragsdale

Thomas Edward Ragsdale

Thomas Fletcher Ragsdale

Thomas Franklin Ragsdale

Thomas Frederick Ragsdale

Thomas Jefferson Ragsdale

Thomas Larkin Ragsdale

Thomas Milton Ragsdale

Thos Beau Ragsdale

Uel Thompson Ragsdale

Virgil Garfield Ragsdale

Walker Ragsdale

Williakm Aaron Ragsdale

William Derrell Ragsdale

William Elijah Ragsdale

William Hamilton Ragsdale

William Houston Ragsdale

William Pleasants Ragsdale

William Robert Ragsdale

William Roden Ragsdale

Wille Arthur Ragsdale

Willie Dewitt Ragsdale

Willie Jackson Ragsdale

Wood Ragsdale









More to come,so stay tuned ....




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